Summit Milky Chocolate Puffer Jacket



Rim is 173 cm tall and wears a size M


- Designed and sewn in Poland.
- Loose, medium-length cut.
- Filled with the highest quality goose down from a leading - Polish manufacturer.
- Warm and lightweight, incredibly comfortable to wear.
- Fastened with a zipper and stainless steel snaps.
- Quilted both on the outside and on the inside.
- Two layers of material for perfect down sealing - outer fabric and down-proof lining.
- Outer fabric coated with a waterproof layer.
- Non-detachable hood.


Our new Summit down jacket is a return to Bohemi Soul's roots - it was created based on our bestseller from a few years ago but with many significant changes. Summit has an optimally chosen length and a slightly widened cut, providing perfect wearing comfort. This season, we opted for a tasty combination of a caramel chocolate shade with energetic orange on the inside. Please note that our Summit has been cross-stitched both on the outside and on the inside, making it even more fluffy, lightweight, and giving an incredible oversized impression.

The jacket is made in a Polish workshop from the highest quality Polish certified goose down that meets the most rigorous standards (more information about down can be found below). We believe that our Summit will become your best companion for the current and all upcoming winter seasons.

Properties of down in our jackets:

- Filled with goose down, not duck down (it is much more elastic and provides better thermal insulation).
- The down is characterized by extremely high elasticity (about 750 cubic inches), making it hygroscopic and thermally insulating (protects against overheating and sweating).
- Its high elasticity also makes it lightweight and compressible, so the jacket will be convenient for storage and packing.
- Sourced for 70 years by a Polish feather factory from White Kołuda Geese with the highest, rigorous animal welfare standards.
- The quality of the down is controlled at every stage of its production by both the factory laboratory and independent research institutes, including IDFL Europe.
- A multi-stage production process ensures that the goose down from our manufacturer is impeccably clean, odorless, and hypoallergenic (free of allergens, microorganisms, and mites).
- Natural goose down is also environmentally friendly - biodegradable and safe for the natural environment.
- The highest quality of down confirmed by certifications such as RDS, Downpass, ISO, and Oeko-Tex."


Outer fabric: 100% polyester,
Filling: 100% White Kołuda Goose Down (90% down, 10% feathers),
Lining: 100% polyester.


Wash the down jacket in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius, on a gentle or wool program, with spinning at a maximum of 400 revolutions per minute.
Wash and waterproof only with specialized detergents for down and technical clothing.
Do not use traditional powders or liquid detergents, and do not use fabric softeners!
It is best to dry in a tumble dryer with cool air at a low temperature, with three clean tennis balls in the drum for the best fluffiness effect.
Alternatively, dry it "by hand" laid flat on a dryer, on a towel. In this case, fluff the jacket every fifteen minutes, shaking the down and turning it over.
ATTENTION! If one of the feathers from the filling comes out on the surface (piercing through the lining and outer fabric), DO NOT pull it out! Grab the feather with your fingers through the fabric and pull it back inside. Pulling the feather from the filling will damage the product!